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Reasons To Upgrade The Bumper Of Your New ATV

When you buy a new ATV, it's often wise to consider what upgrades you want right away. While there's some value to riding the ATV for a while and then determining what changes you might wish to make, certain upgrades are worth implementing before you start riding. One such change to make is upgrading the front bumper of the ATV. Many stock bumpers are on the smaller side, but your dealer can often install an enhanced bumper before you pick up your ATV. Here are some reasons to upgrade the bumper of your new ATV.

Headlight Protection

Many stock ATV bumpers don't cover the headlights, which means that if you make the mistake of banging into something — a tree while you're riding in the bush, for example — you could damage one of the headlights. Not only are headlights expensive to replace, but damaging one can leave you struggling to see clearly while you drive at night. This can especially be a concern if the damage occurs several miles from your destination. An upgraded bumper typically extends high enough to form a protective barrier in front of the headlights.

Body Scratches

It's common for small branches to brush against the front of your ATV as you ride through wooded areas. While the size of these branches won't cause any serious damage, they can be problematic for another reason. Over time, frequent contact with small branches can scratch the front of the ATV. This isn't a concern for some people, but if you're the type of person who wants to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, a series of small scratches on the body can be upsetting. An enhanced bumper will prevent such damage.

Fender Damage

An impact with either front fender of your new ATV can leave you facing a serious repair bill — and the inability to use the ATV until this work is complete. This can be a hindrance, especially if you have plans to use the vehicle extensively. Upgraded bumpers provide more coverage in front of the fenders, which can reduce the risk of damage. Visually, you may like the look of an upgraded bumper more than a stock bumper. It has a bulky, rugged appearance that sends a message that you and your ATV are ready for anything in your way. Speak to your dealer to learn about the different bumper options that are available for your model of ATV, including Polaris ATVs.