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Problems With Your Motorcycle? 4 Signs Your Bike Needs Immediate Repairs

If you ride a motorcycle, you will want to pay attention to the performance. Problems with your motorcycle could leave you stranded on the side of the road, or worse. Mechanical problems can actually increase your risk of accidents and injuries. That's why it's so important that you pay attention to your motorcycle. It will let you know when it needs repairs and maintenance. Here are four signs that your motorcycle needs repairs right away. 

Engine Sputters

When you hit the throttle on your motorcycle, the engine should roar. That roar is a good indication that everything is right with your bike. If it doesn't roar, you know your engine needs some maintenance. But, if the engine sputters, it's time to get your motorcycle into the shop for repairs. Sputtering could be an indication that the fuel line is clogged. Or, there could be a blockage in the intake or exhaust. If your motorcycle engine sputters, take care of the repairs right away.  

Reduced Acceleration

When you get out on the open highway, you probably like to unleash the power on your motorcycle and take off. But, if there's a problem with the acceleration, you're not going to get the power you want. Unfortunately, the lack of acceleration can cause serious problems for you, especially on the highway. You never know when you may need the power to escape from a potential accident. If your motorcycle has experienced a loss of acceleration, check the chain. A loose or damaged chain can cause your motorcycle to lose power. Problems with the chain should be repaired as soon as possible. 

Poor Gas Mileage

If you've noticed problems with your gas mileage lately, you'll need to do some troubleshooting. There are a few reasons why your motorcycle might start burning through fuel. First, make sure your tires are inflated properly. Poor tire inflation can reduce your gas mileage. Next, check the oil. If the oil is dirty, take it in for an oil change. Contaminated oil can also reduce your gas mileage. If tire pressure and oil are both fine, take your car in for a carburetor inspection. Carburetor problems can lead to diminished gas mileage. 

Sudden Brake Problems

Finally, if your brakes aren't as reliable as they should be, stop riding your motorcycle right away. You don't want your brakes to go out while you're riding your motorcycle. Some brake problems to watch for include sponginess, sticking, or squealing. If you experience any of those brake problems, take your motorcycle in for immediate repairs.

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