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Reasons To Choose A Side By Side With A Full Windshield

One of the factors that you'll want to think about when you're shopping for a new side by side at your local dealer is whether or not you'll choose a model that has a windshield. Many side by sides don't have a windshield, while some have windshields that only cover the bottom of the opening in front of you. It's often advantageous, however, to choose a side by side that has a full windshield. Talk to your recreational vehicle sales rep about your interest in this feature, and they will direct you to models that are equipped in this way. Here are some reasons to choose a side by side with a full windshield.

Protection From The Rain

Whether you're using your side by side for work or for fun, a rainy day won't interfere with you when you have a model that has a full windshield. A model with no windshield will result in you and your passengers getting extremely wet while you ride. This can be true even if it's not raining very hard. A side by side with a full windshield will not only keep you dry, but will also allow you to navigate more safely because you're not squinting to keep rain out of your eyes.

Avoidance Of Hazards

A full windshield in front of you isn't just keeping the rain out of the side by side. It will also be instrumental in helping you to avoid hazards that could compromise your safety. For example, if you're moving quickly along an overgrown trail, the windshield will deflect any stray branches away — rather than allow them to enter the cockpit and perhaps cause you harm. The windshield can also keep you safe from airborne rocks, which will come in handy when you're following another side by side on a rocky trail.

Deflection Of The Wind

You'll also appreciate how your side by side's windshield protects you from the wind that would otherwise blow into the cockpit of the vehicle while you're driving at a high rate of speed. Protection from the wind may not seem as big of a deal as protection from the rain and from various hazards, but it's something that can affect your enjoyment of using this recreational vehicle. If you're traveling at a high rate of speed in a side by side without a windshield, you'd be constantly aware of the wind hitting your face and perhaps bothering you. Visit a side by side dealer to view models that have full windshields.