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4 Different Styles Of Electric Bikes

An electric bike is a little different than a standard bicycle. It is equipped with a motor, providing you with extra power when you ride. When it comes to electric bikes, there are actually different styles of bikes that allow for the bike to be used in different manners, just like with a standard bicycle.

#1: Cruiser

A cruiser e-bike is made for riding around primarily flat terrains, such as on paved roads as well as bike paths. A cruiser e-bike is designed to have wider tires. A cruiser also typically has a suspension system to make the ride more comfortable. The suspension system is designed to reduce shock on your seat and the front of your bike, where you will feel it the most. The handlebars are usually up a little higher so that you are sitting more upright on the bike instead of having to lean over to grasp the handlebars. The seat is also bigger and cushier than normal. A cruiser e-bike is all about being comfortable as you ride around on well-groomed pathways.

#2: Commuter

Another type of e-bike that you can purchase is a commuter bike. This type of bike is designed for riding a good distance, such as going to work or running errands. The tires on a commuter bike are made to be larger and narrower. The large and narrow tires are designed for efficiency and getting places quickly. The design of the bike is more upright but not quite like the cruiser.

A commuter bike usually has a good engine on it that will allow for biking far distances.

#3: Mountain

A mountain e-bike is made for people who want to go off-roading. The tires are wide for traction purposes. The handlebars are lower and flat so that you can easily hold on while traveling on dirt trails and rough surfaces. Mountain e-bikes tend to come with stronger batteries, with more amp hours and voltage, to provide the power for going up and down off-road trails that require more strength to navigate.

#4: Road

Finally, there is a road bike. A road e-bike, like the cruiser, is made for more casual and recreational riding. They are made to be taken on paved surfaces. However, unlike a cruiser, the tires are narrow, and the handlebars are lower. This configuration is designed for people who don't want to cruise around but want to speed around quickly on paved paths. They are made for someone who wants to go fast.

When it comes to purchasing an e-bike, you need to think about what kind of riding you want to do so you can choose a style of bicycle that will allow you to enjoy that type of riding to the fullest. For casual fun, a cruiser is excellent. For getting to work and running errands quickly, look at a commuter model. For quick city riding, go for a road e-bike, and for off-roading, go for a mountain model.

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