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Benefits Of Equipping Your Boat With Fender Holders

When you own a boat, particularly if it's on the larger side, you'll want to buy a number of inflatable fenders that you can use when you approach a dock. You'll hang the fenders from the edge of your boat prior to docking, ensuring that if you make harder contact with the dock than you'd like, the fenders will absorb the impact. The number of fenders you buy will depend on the size of your boat. It's conventional to store the fenders on the deck and only deploy them prior to docking. For this job, it's ideal to buy some fender holders that you can mount in different areas.

Here are some benefits of having a boat fender holder

Tidy Storage

While you could theoretically pile your boat fenders in different areas around the deck, doing so wouldn't look very orderly. If you're the type of person who takes pride in the appearance of your boat, a few fender holders will be a worthwhile investment. They allow you to store your fenders in a tidy manner, whether you keep them in pairs or in a large grouping. Using fender holders also ensures that your fenders are out of the way, rather than perhaps stacked on seats that your boat's guests may wish to use.

Easy To Retrieve

When you're approaching a dock, you want to deploy the fenders promptly. This means that it's handy if you can find them right away. Fender holders make this process straightforward, as you typically mount these racks to the rail along the perimeter of the boat deck. In this position, the fenders are far easier to retrieve and use than if you were to store them elsewhere, such as in a cabinet in one of the boat's cabins.

No Risk Of Loss

Fender holders help to keep your boat fenders secure, which is important after you've made an investment in buying them. Without fenders, there's a chance that you could lose one or more fenders over time. For example, if the water is particularly rough and a fender isn't secure, it could roll off the deck and land in the water without you realizing it. When all of your boat fenders are in their holders, there's virtually no chance that they'll be able to fall out.

To learn more about boat fender holders and to shop for the right product for your vessel, visit a marine accessories store.