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What You Need to Know About Servicing Your New Motorcycle

When you are in the market for a motorcycle, the service and durability of various brands are often a big part of the consideration and selection process. Every motorcycle needs service at some point, and motorcycle service is not that different from other motorcycles on the market. 

First Service

When you purchase a new motorcycle, you will get the chance to ride it for a while before it needs service. The first fifteen thousand miles are often considered break-in miles and will allow all the internal engine parts to wear slightly, tightening the seal of the valves and the pistons inside the engine.

The first motorcycle service typically includes an oil and filter change, chassis lubrication, and checks of all the systems on the motorcycle to ensure they are working correctly. The service doesn't take long at all, and you can often schedule the appointment, take the bike in, and wait for the service if you like. The manufacturer will tell you the recommended amount of time to wait for the next oil change.

Timing Belts

If you service your motorcycle, it's common to replace the timing belts inside the engine. The belts are rated for two years by the manufacturer, so you need to plan on having them replaced after a couple of seasons of riding. 

The timing belt service is something you will not have on some other brand motorcycles, but the replacement interval will ensure they are always in good shape and keep the engine and valve timing accurate to provide the best performance from your bike.

Replacing the belts can take a couple of days, so it is often best to drop your bike off and leave it with the shop doing the work. If you plan the timing belt replacement for the off-season, the motorcycle service shop can get the work done while you are not riding and have the motorcycle ready for spring riding. 

Desmo Valve Service

Many motorcycle brands use a unique valve timing system called desmodromic timing. While it offers some advantages over traditional timing systems, it does require service and adjustment at around eighteen thousand miles. Most modern motorcycle engines require similar service at about the same mileage, but the desmodromic timing system is trickier to service correctly.

Desmodromic timing should be handled by your motorcycle service tech at the dealership or an independent shop with certified techs to ensure it is done correctly. The service can take a few days to complete, so having the desmo service and the timing belts done together is an excellent option and keeps you riding, not waiting for service to your motorcycle.

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